Affiliate Members Product Guide

We at MCAS have taken the time to ask all of our Affiliate Members to let us know what products they offer, and this list is that result. It is our hope that you will be able to make use of this Affiliate Members Product Guide to help your businesses as well as theirs. For a printed copy of the Affiliate Members Product Guide please contact the MCA-Sask office.

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ACR Refrigerative Supply
Amprobe Refrigerative Supply
Bacharach Refrigerative Supply
Brasscraft Robinson Supply
Brasscraft Wolseley Canada - Plumbing & HVAC/R
C.P.S National Energy Equipment Inc.
C.P.S. Master Group
Cooper Atkins Refrigerative Supply
CPS Nu-Trend Industries Inc.
Dewalt Inland Metal Manufacturing (1994) Ltd.
Dewalt Westcan Mechanical Sales Ltd.
Diversitech Nu-Trend Industries Inc.
Diversitech Master Group
Diversitech National Energy Equipment Inc.
FieldPiece Refrigerative Supply
FieldPiece Master Group
Fluke Trane Canada ULC
Fluke Refrigerative Supply
G.F. Thompson Master Group
General Wire Spring Emco Corporation - Ensuite Showroom
GF Thompson National Energy Equipment Inc.
Goodway Trane Canada ULC
Hilmor Refrigerative Supply
Hilmor Westcan Mechanical Sales Ltd.
Imperial Refrigerative Supply
Inficon Refrigerative Supply
JB Industries Nu-Trend Industries Inc.
Klein Refrigerative Supply
Klein Nu-Trend Industries Inc.
Klein Tools Master Group
Lenox Emco Corporation - Ensuite Showroom
Lenox Westcan Mechanical Sales Ltd.
Lenox Emco Corporation-Westlund Industrial
Makita Inland Metal Manufacturing (1994) Ltd.
Malco National Energy Equipment Inc.
Malco Ecco Supply
Malco Inland Metal Manufacturing (1994) Ltd.
Malco Emco Corporation - Ensuite Showroom
Malco Sinclair Supply Ltd.
Mastercool Master Group
Masters Master Group
Midwest Sinclair Supply Ltd.
Midwest National Energy Equipment Inc.
Midwest Inland Metal Manufacturing (1994) Ltd.
Milwaukee Master Group
Milwaukee Emco Corporation - Ensuite Showroom
Milwaukee Wolseley Canada - Plumbing & HVAC/R
Milwaukee Milwaukee Electric Tool
Milwaukee Refrigerative Supply
Milwaukee Aquifer Distribution Co. Ltd.
Praxair Praxair Canada Inc.
Reed Aquifer Distribution Co. Ltd.
Ridgid Sinclair Supply Ltd.
Ridgid National Energy Equipment Inc.
Ridgid Emco Corporation - Ensuite Showroom
Ridgid Emco Corporation-Westlund Industrial
Ritchie Sinclair Supply Ltd.
Ritchie Trane Canada ULC
Ritchie Refrigerative Supply
Roth National Energy Equipment Inc.
Stanley Inland Metal Manufacturing (1994) Ltd.
Super Ego National Energy Equipment Inc.
Surewerx Keller Equipment Supply Ltd.
Turbo Torch Master Group
Turbo Torch Aquifer Distribution Co. Ltd.
Turbo Torch Emco Corporation - Ensuite Showroom
Turbotorch Refrigerative Supply
Turbotorch Wolseley Canada - Plumbing & HVAC/R
U.E.I. Master Group
U.E.I. Nu-Trend Industries Inc.
Various Brands National Energy Equipment Inc.
Veto Propac Refrigerative Supply
Victaulic Victaulic Company of Canada Ltd.
Wiss Inland Metal Manufacturing (1994) Ltd.
Wiss Sinclair Supply Ltd.
Wiss Ecco Supply
Yellow Jacket Refrigerative Supply