Affiliate Members Product Guide

We at MCAS have taken the time to ask all of our Affiliate Members to let us know what products they offer, and this list is that result. It is our hope that you will be able to make use of this Affiliate Members Product Guide to help your businesses as well as theirs. For a printed copy of the Affiliate Members Product Guide please contact the MCA-Sask office.

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Electric Duct Heaters

Caloritech Cypress Sales Partnership
Caloritech Inc. Emco Corporation - Ensuite Showroom
Caloritech Inc. Robinson Supply
Caloritech Inc. Ecco Supply
Dimplex Wolseley Canada - Plumbing & HVAC/R
Dimplex Emco Corporation - Ensuite Showroom
Reznor Equipco Ltd.
Stelpro Master Group
Stelpro Nu-Trend Industries Inc.
Stelpro Equipco Ltd.
Stelpro Wolseley Canada - Plumbing & HVAC/R
Thermolec Cypress Sales Partnership
Thermolec Trane Canada ULC
Thermolec National Energy Equipment Inc.
Thermolec Nu-Trend Industries Inc.
Thermolec Refrigerative Supply
Thermolec EMCO HVAC / ISC
Thermolec Sinclair Supply Ltd.
Thermolec Robinson Supply
Thermolec Ecco Supply
Thermolec Emco Corporation - Ensuite Showroom
Thermolec BPL Sales Limited
Thermotec HVAC Sales (1997) Ltd.
Valley Tec Inc. Robinson Supply

Electric Heaters

Brant Nu-Trend Industries Inc.
Dimplex HVAC Sales (1997) Ltd.
Glen Dimplex North America E. H. Price Ltd.
Neptronic E. H. Price Ltd.
Ouellet HVAC Sales (1997) Ltd.
Ouellet E. H. Price Ltd.
Price E. H. Price Ltd.
Q-Mark Nu-Trend Industries Inc.
Stelpro Refrigerative Supply
Stelpro Nu-Trend Industries Inc.
Thermolec Refrigerative Supply

Electric Infloor Heating

Stelpro Nu-Trend Industries Inc.

Electronic Air Cleaners

Carrier Nu-Trend Industries Inc.
Dynamic HVAC Sales (1997) Ltd.
General National Energy Equipment Inc.
Hi-Velocity Systems Ram Mechanical Marketing Inc.
Hi-Velocity Systems Aquifer Distribution Co. Ltd.
Honeywell Master Group
Honeywell Refrigerative Supply
Honeywell Wolseley Canada - Plumbing & HVAC/R
Honeywell Ecco Supply
Honeywell Sinclair Supply Ltd.
Honeywell Emco Corporation - Ensuite Showroom
Honeywell Emco Corporation-Westlund Industrial
Honeywell Aquifer Distribution Co. Ltd.
Honeywell Robinson Supply
Honeywell EMCO HVAC / ISC
Honeywell National Energy Equipment Inc.
ICP National Energy Equipment Inc.
Lennox Lennox Industries Canada Ltd.
Nu-Calgon Nu-Trend Industries Inc.
Respicaire EMCO HVAC / ISC
Trane Emco Corporation - Ensuite Showroom
White Rodgers Wolseley Canada - Plumbing & HVAC/R
White Rodgers Ecco Supply
White Rodgers Sinclair Supply Ltd.
White Rodgers Robinson Supply
White Rodgers EMCO HVAC / ISC
White Rodgers Master Group
White Rodgers National Energy Equipment Inc.

Electrostatic Filters

Dafco Master Group
Dust-Free Robinson Supply
Dust-Free National Energy Equipment Inc.
Dynamic Air Quality Solutions HVAC Sales (1997) Ltd.
Emerson Sinclair Supply Ltd.
Filtration Group Inland Metal Manufacturing (1994) Ltd.
Lennox Lennox Industries Canada Ltd.
Respicaire EMCO HVAC / ISC
White Rodgers Emco Corporation - Ensuite Showroom
White Rodgers National Energy Equipment Inc.
White Rodgers Sinclair Supply Ltd.

Emergency Safety Eye Wash

Acorn Westcan Mechanical Sales Ltd.
Acudor Acorn Emco Corporation - Ensuite Showroom
Bradley Emco Corporation-Westlund Industrial
Bradley Aquifer Distribution Co. Ltd.
Bradley Wolseley Canada - Plumbing & HVAC/R
Bradley Emco Corporation - Ensuite Showroom
Econ Safety Equipco Ltd.
Guardian Safety Equipment Ram Mechanical Marketing Inc.
Haws Emco Corporation - Ensuite Showroom
Haws Master Group
Haws Emco Corporation-Westlund Industrial
Haws Aquifer Distribution Co. Ltd.
Haws Wolseley Canada - Plumbing & HVAC/R
North Construction Fasteners & Tools Ltd.
Speakman Construction Fasteners & Tools Ltd.

Encapsulating Couplings

Airmaster Victaulic Company of Canada Ltd.
Fluidmaster Victaulic Company of Canada Ltd.
Various Brands Victaulic Company of Canada Ltd.
Victaulic Bolted Split-Sleeve Couplings Victaulic Company of Canada Ltd.

Evaporative Condenser

Arcoaire National Energy Equipment Inc.
Bohn Master Group
Comfortmaker National Energy Equipment Inc.
Keeprite National Energy Equipment Inc.
Keeprite Master Group
Lennox Lennox Industries Canada Ltd.
Refplus Refrigerative Supply
Refplus Master Group

Evaporative Cooler

Aero-Vent Cypress Sales Partnership
Cambridge Engineering Nu-Trend Industries Inc.
Champion Ecco Supply
Engineered Air Engineered Air
Essic Air Refrigerative Supply
Essick Sinclair Supply Ltd.
Evapco HVAC Sales (1997) Ltd.
Keeprite EMCO HVAC / ISC
Leader Cypress Sales Partnership
Penn Cypress Sales Partnership
Reznor Ecco Supply

Exhaust Fans

Aero-Vent Cypress Sales Partnership
Broan Nu-Trend Industries Inc.
Broan Emco Corporation - Ensuite Showroom
Broan Wolseley Canada - Plumbing & HVAC/R
Broan Aquifer Distribution Co. Ltd.
Broan BPL Sales Limited
Canarm Emco Corporation - Ensuite Showroom
Canarm Refrigerative Supply
Canarm BPL Sales Limited
Canarm National Energy Equipment Inc.
Canarm Nu-Trend Industries Inc.
Captive-Aire BPL Sales Limited
Continental Nu-Trend Industries Inc.
Delhi Emco Corporation - Ensuite Showroom
Delhi BPL Sales Limited
Delhi Nu-Trend Industries Inc.
Fantech Emco Corporation - Ensuite Showroom
Fantech BPL Sales Limited
Fantech Aquifer Distribution Co. Ltd.
Loren Cook Co. HVAC Sales (1997) Ltd.
M.K. Plastics Cypress Sales Partnership
Nederman Keller Equipment Supply Ltd.
Northern Blower BPL Sales Limited
Panasonic Wolseley Canada - Plumbing & HVAC/R
PennBarry Cypress Sales Partnership
Plastic Air HVAC Sales (1997) Ltd.
Reverseomatic Nu-Trend Industries Inc.
Reversomatic BPL Sales Limited
Soler & Palau Refrigerative Supply
Soler&Palau Nu-Trend Industries Inc.
Vents-US Nu-Trend Industries Inc.

Expansion Joints

Amtrol Emco Corporation-Westlund Industrial
Bow National Energy Equipment Inc.
Canplas Emco Corporation-Westlund Industrial
Canplas Canplas Industries Ltd.
Canplas Emco Corporation - Ensuite Showroom
Connectall Wolseley Canada - Plumbing & HVAC/R
Flexhose HVAC Sales (1997) Ltd.
Flextech Flocor
Genova National Energy Equipment Inc.
MetraFlex E. H. Price Ltd.
Proco Products Inc Flocor
S S I Wolseley Canada - Plumbing & HVAC/R
Senior Flexonics Cypress Sales Partnership
Twin City Cypress Sales Partnership
Victaulic Victaulic Company of Canada Ltd.

Expansion Tanks

Amtrol Emco Corporation-Westlund Industrial
Amtrol Cypress Sales Partnership
Amtrol Wolseley Canada - Plumbing & HVAC/R
Amtrol Aquifer Distribution Co. Ltd.
Amtrol Robinson Supply
Amtrol Emco Corporation - Ensuite Showroom
Apollo Flow Controls Dynamic Agencies Ltd.
Axiom Robinson Supply
Bell & Gossett National Energy Equipment Inc.
Bell & Gossett Cypress Sales Partnership
Calefactio Nu-Trend Industries Inc.
Calefactio Solutions National Energy Equipment Inc.
Cash Acme National Energy Equipment Inc.
Conbraco Industries Inc. National Energy Equipment Inc.
Conbraco Industries Inc. Wolseley Canada - Plumbing & HVAC/R
Conbraco Industries Inc. Master Group
Flexcon Wolseley Canada - Plumbing & HVAC/R
Flexcon Emco Corporation - Ensuite Showroom
Flexcon Aquifer Distribution Co. Ltd.
Flexcon Master Group
Hamlet & Garneau Robinson Supply
Taco National Energy Equipment Inc.
Taco HVAC Sales (1997) Ltd.
Watts Robinson Supply
Watts Aquifer Distribution Co. Ltd.
Watts Wolseley Canada - Plumbing & HVAC/R
Watts Master Group
Watts Emco Corporation - Ensuite Showroom
Watts Sinclair Supply Ltd.
Westeel Cypress Sales Partnership
Zilmet National Energy Equipment Inc.