Aquifer Distribution Co. Ltd.

Member Since: March 4, 2003

3570 Faithfull Avenue
Saskatoon, SK, S7P 0E4
Phone: 306-242-1567
Fax: 306-665-2115

915 McDonald Street
Regina, SK, S4N 2X5
Phone: 306-352-7381
Fax: 306-359-3706

Product Mix

ABS DWV Fittings IPEX   
ASME Hydronic & Thermal Expansion Tanks Amtrol    Flexcon    Watts   
Access Doors Acudor    Mifab    Morris Lee    Watts   
Acid Neutralizing Tanks Axiom    Zurn   
Air Conditioning Continental   
Air Handling & Air Conditioner Units A.M.T.S.    Energy Saving Products    Fantech   
Anchors Erico Inc.   
Architectural Metal Kindred   
Backflow Preventors Conbraco Industries Inc.    Watts    Zurn/Wilkins   
Backwater Valves Mainline   
Base Board Slant Fin   
Battery Pack Milwaukee   
Boiler Accessories Alberta Custom Tee    Axiom    Bell & Gossett    Danfoss    Erie    Fernox    Honeywell    McDonnell Miller    Spiraltherm    Taco    Watts   
Boiler Treatment - Chemical ChemFax    GF Thompson    Oatey   
Boiler Treatment - Water Tests ChemFax    Fernox   
Boilers Allied Engineering    Camus Hydronics Ltd.    HTP    Laars    Lochinvar    Newmac    Slant Fin    Thermo 2000   
Boilers & Controls Caleffi    Honeywell    McDonnell Miller    Spirotherm    Taco    Tekmar    Uponor    Watts   
Chemical - Water Treatment Fernox    Hydrotech - Canature Water Group   
Chemical Waste Piping System IPEX   
Chillers Elkay    Haws    Oasis   
Chimney DuraVent    Flexmaster    Metal Pac   
Chimney Automation Flexmaster   
Circulating Pump Parts Bell & Gossett    Caleffi    Taco   
Circulating Pumps Armstrong    Bell & Gossett    Taco    WILO Canada   
Classroom Ventilators Broan   
Coils ADP   
Coils - Air Conditioning (Evap Coils) Aspen    Energy Savings Products   
Coin Meters & Timers Magikist   
Compressed Air Piping IPEX   
Condensate Pumps Liberty    Little Giant   
Condensers & Condensing Units Continental   
Constant Pressure Controller Franklin Electric    Goulds    Vacon   
Contactors Sqare D   
Controls Danfoss    Honeywell    McDonnell Miller    Robert Shaw    Taco    Tekmar    Uponor   
Copper Manifold Tees Alberta Custom Tee   
Copper Piping Solutions CB Supplies    Great Lakes Copper   
Copper Tubing Great Lakes Copper   
Cordless Tools Milwaukee   
Dehumidifiers Honeywell   
Drilling and Demolition Milwaukee   
Drinking Fountains Elkay    Franke    Haws    Oasis   
Electronic Air Cleaners Hi-Velocity Systems    Honeywell   
Emergency Safety Eye Wash Bradley    Haws   
Exhaust Fans Broan    Fantech   
Expansion Tanks Amtrol    Flexcon    Watts   
Fan Coils A.M.T.S.    Energy Saving Products   
Fans Broan    Fantech   
Fans - Exhaust Broan    Fantech    Honeywell   
Fasteners nVent   
Fasteners, Stainless Steel nVent   
Fiberglass - Acrylic Tub Altrek    Hytek    Longevity    Mirolin    Neptune    Venco    Victoria & Albert   
Fiberglass - Sewer FRP Manufacturing   
Fiberglass - Water FRP Manufacturing   
Filters - Air Filtration Group    Honeywell   
Filters - Liquid Hydrotech - Canature Water Group    Viqua   
Filtration Hydrotech   
Fire Hose Cabinets & Extinguishers National Fire Equipment   
Fire Stopping IPEX   
Fireplaces Amantii    Dimplex   
Fireplaces - Gas DaVinci    Kingsman   
Fireplaces - Wood Fireplace X   
Fittings All Water Tests    BMI    C B Supplies    Fairview    IPEX   
Fittings, Brass Boshart    CB Supplies    Dahl    Fairview    Sharkbite    Wardflex   
Fittings, Nylon Boshart   
Fittings, PVC IPEX   
Fittings, Schedule 40 IPEX   
Fittings, Schedule 80 IPEX   
Fittings, Stainless Steel Boshart   
Fixtures American Standard    Cheviot    Gerber    Moen    Native Trails    Pfister    Riobel    Sloan    Symmons    Toto    Zurn   
Fixtures & Brass American Standard    AquaBrass    Bain Ultra    Delta    Delta Commercial    Franke    Franke Commercial    Gerber    Kindred    Laloo    Moen    OS&B    Pfister    Riobel    Sloan    Symmons    Toto    Waltec    Zurn   
Flanges Bell & Gossett    BMI    Bow    IPEX    Taco    Wardflex   
Flexible Connectors Fairview   
Flexible Duct DuraVent    Flexmaster    Z-Flex   
Floor Drains IPS    Oatey    Sioux Chief    Watts    Zurn/Wilkins   
Floor Heating Systems CB Supplies    Uponor   
Forged Steel Fittings Canvil    Shurjoint   
Furnaces Continental   
Furnaces - Gas Continental   
Furnaces - Oil Newmac    Olsen   
Gas Piping Polytubes    Wardflex   
Gas Venting IPEX   
Gases - Acetylene Praxair   
Gases - Nitrogen Praxair   
Gases - Oxygen Praxair   
Gases - Welding Acetelyne    Shurjoint   
Gauges Accutek    Boshart    Wika   
Glycol - Aluminum Compatible Oatey   
Glycol - Ethylene Oatey    Univar    Winters   
Glycol - Propylene Oatey    Univar   
Grooved Couplings, Fitting & Valves Shurjoint   
Grooved Couplings, Fitting & Valves, Stainless Steel Shurjoint   
Hand Dryers Stelpro    Toto   
Hangers IPEX    nVent    Sioux Chief   
Heat Exchangers Bell & Gossett    Hydronic Agencies   
Heat Pumps Hi-Velocity Systems    Taco   
Heat Recovery Units Fantech   
Heat Transfer Fluids Oatey (Ethylene Glycol)    Oatey (Propylene Glycol)   
High Density Polyethelene IPEX    Niron    Polytubes   
High Velocity Energy Saving Products    Energy Saving Products    Hi-Velocity Systems    Hi-Velocity Systems   
Hoses - Braid Aqua-Dynamic   
Hoses - Flexible DuraVent    Eco-Flex    Fairview    Uponor   
Hoses - Lay Flat Greenline   
Hoses - Suction Greenline   
Humidifiers Honeywell   
Hydronic Baseboards Slant Fin   
Hydronic Controls Bell & Gossett    Bell & Gossett    Honeywell    McDonnell Miller    Taco    Tekmar    Uponor    Watts   
Hydronic Heating Boards Tamas Hydronics   
Hydronic Unit Heaters Beacon/Morris   
Indirect Fired Heating Laars    Lochinvar    Rheem   
Indoor Air Quality Broan    Fantech    Honeywell   
Induction Units Beacon Morris   
Inline Blowers Fantech   
Interceptors Canplas    Green Turtle    Watts    Zurn   
Isolation Flanges Bell & Gossett    Taco   
Isolation Room Controls Honeywell   
Line Reactors Goulds    SJE-Rhombus   
Liquid Level Controls S J E Rhombus   
Make Up Air Unit Heaters Fantech   
Meter - Liquid Blue-White Industries    Stenner   
Metering Pumps Etatron    Prominent    Pulsatron    Stenner   
Mixers - Steam & Hot Water Honeywell   
Motors A. O. Smith    Baldor    Centripro    Franklin Electric   
Non-Chemical Water Treatment Hydrotech-Canature Water Group   
PVC DWV Fittings IPEX   
Parts - Heating & Air Conditioning Continental    Honeywell   
Patio Heaters Enerco    Kingsman   
Pipes - ABS Bow    IPEX   
Pipes - CPVC IPEX   
Pipes - Fire Sprinklers Uponor   
Pipes - HDPE Polytubes   
Pipes - Metallic Wardflex   
Pipes - PVC IPEX    Northern Pipe   
Pipes - Pex Uponor   
Pipes - Plastic IPEX    Niron    Northern Pipe    Polytubes    Uponor   
Pipes - Pre-Insulated Eco-Flex   
Pipes - Schedule 40 IPEX    Northern Pipe   
Pipes - Schedule 80 IPEX   
Pipes - Stainless Steel NovaVENT   
Pipes - Water/Wastewater Northern Pipe    Polytubes   
Plate Exchanger Bell & Gossett    Taco   
Pressure Tanks A O Smith/Goulds    A. O. Smith    Flexcon   
Pump Control Panels Franklin Electric    Goulds    S J E Rhombus    Zoeller   
Pump Repair Armstrong    Bell & Gossett    Franklin Electric    G&L    Goulds    GSW Water Heaters    Monarch    Taco   
Pumps Armstrong    Barnes    Bell & Gossett    Franklin Electric    Goulds    Little Giant    Myers    Stenner    Taco    WILO Canada    Zoeller   
Radiant Pipe CB Supplies    Uponor   
Relief Valves Watts    Zurn/Wilkins   
Reverse Osmosis Good Water Warehouse    Hydrotech - Canature Water Group    Waterite   
Roof Drains J. R. Smith    Watts    Zurn   
Separators Water & Grit Bell & Gossett    Canplas    Spiro-Vent    Zurn   
Sewage Inspection Chambers Infiltrator   
Sewage Pump Control Panels Franklin Electric    Goulds    S J E Rhombus    Zoeller   
Sheet Metal Inland Metal Mfg    Metal Pac   
Shop Supplies GF Thompson    Masters    Turbo Torch   
Shower Doors Fire & Sand Glass    Fleurco    Mirolin    Shodor Industries   
Solar Franklin Electric   
Solder, Brazing, AC Accessories Turbo Torch   
Stainless Steel Gas Line Wardflex   
Steam Generators Amerec    Steamist    Thermasol   
Storage Tanks Amtrol    Rheem   
Strainers M A Stewart    Sure Flow Equipment    Watts    Zurn/Wilkins   
Strut and Installation Systems CB Supplies    nVent   
Switches Boshart    S J E Rhombus    Square D   
Temperature Controllers Honeywell   
Test Equipment Hach   
Thermometers Boshart    Winters   
Thermostatic Mixing Valves Bell & Gossett    Honeywell    Taco   
Timers Fantech   
Toilet Seats Perrin and Rowe   
Tools Milwaukee    Reed    Turbo Torch   
Trench Drains Jay R Smith    Watts    Zurn   
Tubing - Poly & Fittings Niron    Uponor   
Tubs Altrek    Bain Ultra    Cheviot    Hytec    Longevity    Mirolin    Neptune    Venco    Victoria & Albert   
Unit Heaters Beacon/Morris   
Unit Ventilators Broan    Fantech   
Valves - Balancing Bell & Gossett    Dahl    Honeywell    Taco    Watts   
Valves - Ball Apollo    Boshart    Fairview    Jenkins    Sharkbite    Uponor   
Valves - Bronze Gate Jenkins    Kitz   
Valves - Butterfly IPEX    Kitz    Shurjoint   
Valves - Cast Steel Jenkins    Kitz    Shurjoint   
Valves - Check Boshart    Flowmatic    Maass MidWest   
Valves - Control ASCO    Bell & Gossett    Erie    Honeywell    IPEX    Taco   
Valves - Globe Bronze Dahl    Kitz   
Valves - Iron Jenkins   
Valves - Knife Gate IPEX    Kitz   
Valves - Needle Parker Hannifin   
Valves - Plastic Boshart    Hytec    IPEX    Niron   
Valves - Pressure Reducing & Relief Honeywell    Watts    Zurn   
Valves - Service Gate Flowmatic   
Valves - Solenoid ASCO   
Valves - Specialty Check & Foot Boshart    IPEX   
Variable Frequency Speed Drives Franklin Electric    Goulds   
Venting Centrotherm    DuraVent    Flexmaster    IPEX    NovaVENT    Selkirk   
Wall Fin Sioux Chief    Slant Fin   
Wash Machine Boxes Oatey   
Water Filters Aquaflo    Viqua   
Water Heater Element Masco   
Water Heaters Giant    Laars    Lochinvar    Rheem    Rinnai   
Water Softeners Hydrotech-Canature Water Group   
Water Treatment Hydrotech   
Water Treatment Repair All   
Watering Bowls Canarm    Ritchie