Affiliate Members Product Guide

We at MCAS have taken the time to ask all of our Affiliate Members to let us know what products they offer, and this list is that result. It is our hope that you will be able to make use of this Affiliate Members Product Guide to help your businesses as well as theirs. For a printed copy of the Affiliate Members Product Guide please contact the MCA-Sask office.

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Boiler Accessories

Alberta Custom Tee Aquifer Distribution Co. Ltd.
Alberta Custom Tee Robinson Supply
Amtek Robinson Supply
Amtrol Wolseley Canada - Plumbing & HVAC/R
Amtrol Robinson Supply
Amtrol Emco Corporation - Ensuite Showroom
Apollo Dynamic Agencies Ltd.
Armstrong Wolseley Canada - Plumbing & HVAC/R
Armstrong Master Group
Axiom Cypress Sales Partnership
Axiom Nu-Trend Industries Inc.
Axiom Aquifer Distribution Co. Ltd.
Axiom Emco Corporation - Ensuite Showroom
Axiom National Energy Equipment Inc.
Axiom Master Group
Baxi Sinclair Supply Ltd.
Bell & Gossett Aquifer Distribution Co. Ltd.
Bell & Gossett National Energy Equipment Inc.
Bell & Gossett Master Group
Bell & Gossett Cypress Sales Partnership
Braukman National Energy Equipment Inc.
Caleffi Emco Corporation - Ensuite Showroom
Caleffi Wolseley Canada - Plumbing & HVAC/R
Caleffi Equipco Ltd.
Caleffi Master Group
Caleffi National Energy Equipment Inc.
Caleffi Nu-Trend Industries Inc.
Cash Acme National Energy Equipment Inc.
Cash Acme Nu-Trend Industries Inc.
Cash Acme Equipco Ltd.
Conbraco Industries Inc. Master Group
Conbraco Industries Inc. National Energy Equipment Inc.
Danfoss Westcan Mechanical Sales Ltd.
Danfoss Aquifer Distribution Co. Ltd.
Danfoss Emco Corporation - Ensuite Showroom
Danfoss Nu-Trend Industries Inc.
Enervex HVAC Sales (1997) Ltd.
Erie National Energy Equipment Inc.
Erie Wolseley Canada - Plumbing & HVAC/R
Erie Aquifer Distribution Co. Ltd.
Erie Emco Corporation - Ensuite Showroom
Erie Master Group
Fernox Aquifer Distribution Co. Ltd.
Fernox Master Group
Fulton HVAC Sales (1997) Ltd.
Grundfos Emco Corporation - Ensuite Showroom
Grundfos Wolseley Canada - Plumbing & HVAC/R
HeatLink Canada Dynamic Agencies Ltd.
Hoffman National Energy Equipment Inc.
Hoffman Master Group
Hoffman Robinson Supply
Honeywell Wolseley Canada - Plumbing & HVAC/R
Honeywell Emco Corporation - Ensuite Showroom
Honeywell National Energy Equipment Inc.
Honeywell Master Group
Honeywell Aquifer Distribution Co. Ltd.
HPS Controls National Energy Equipment Inc.
Johnson Controls Master Group
Maid-O-Mist Robinson Supply
Maid-O-Mist Master Group
Maid-O-Mist Emco Corporation - Ensuite Showroom
McDonnell Miller National Energy Equipment Inc.
McDonnell Miller Master Group
McDonnell Miller Aquifer Distribution Co. Ltd.
McDonnell Miller Emco Corporation - Ensuite Showroom
Peerless National Energy Equipment Inc.
PK HVAC Sales (1997) Ltd.
Raypak HVAC Sales (1997) Ltd.
Roth National Energy Equipment Inc.
Sofame HVAC Sales (1997) Ltd.
Spiralink Master Group
Spiraltherm Aquifer Distribution Co. Ltd.
Spiraltherm Emco Corporation - Ensuite Showroom
Spirotherm Robinson Supply
Spirotherm Wolseley Canada - Plumbing & HVAC/R
Taco National Energy Equipment Inc.
Taco Aquifer Distribution Co. Ltd.
Taco Westcan Mechanical Sales Ltd.
Taco Emco Corporation - Ensuite Showroom
Taco Master Group
Taco Nu-Trend Industries Inc.
Thermo 2000 Emco Corporation - Ensuite Showroom
Thermo 2000 National Energy Equipment Inc.
Triangle Tube National Energy Equipment Inc.
Watts Aquifer Distribution Co. Ltd.
Watts Robinson Supply
Watts Master Group
Watts National Energy Equipment Inc.
Watts Emco Corporation - Ensuite Showroom
White Rodgers National Energy Equipment Inc.
White Rodgers Master Group
White Rodgers Emco Corporation - Ensuite Showroom
Winters Emco Corporation - Ensuite Showroom
Winters Master Group
Winters National Energy Equipment Inc.