Affiliate Members Product Guide

We at MCAS have taken the time to ask all of our Affiliate Members to let us know what products they offer, and this list is that result. It is our hope that you will be able to make use of this Affiliate Members Product Guide to help your businesses as well as theirs. For a printed copy of the Affiliate Members Product Guide please contact the MCA-Sask office.

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Flexible Duct

Air Excellent Equipco Ltd.
ATCO Emco Corporation - Ensuite Showroom
Defecto National Energy Equipment Inc.
Deflecto Nu-Trend Industries Inc.
Deflecto Emco Corporation - Ensuite Showroom
Dundas Jafine Wolseley Canada - Plumbing & HVAC/R
Dundas Jafine Emco Corporation - Ensuite Showroom
Dundas Jafine Master Group
Dundas Jafine Sinclair Supply Ltd.
DuraVent Aquifer Distribution Co. Ltd.
DuraVent National Energy Equipment Inc.
DuraVent Ecco Supply
Fabric Air HVAC Sales (1997) Ltd.
Flexible Tech HVAC Sales (1997) Ltd.
Flexmaster Ecco Supply
Flexmaster Nu-Trend Industries Inc.
Flexmaster HVAC Sales (1997) Ltd.
Flexmaster Aquifer Distribution Co. Ltd.
Flexmaster National Energy Equipment Inc.
Flexmaster Cypress Sales Partnership
Flexmaster Emco Corporation - Ensuite Showroom
Flexmaster Master Group
Flexmaster E. H. Price Ltd.
Flexmaster Sinclair Supply Ltd.
Hart & Cooley Inland Metal Manufacturing (1994) Ltd.
Hart & Cooley National Energy Equipment Inc.
Hart & Cooley Nu-Trend Industries Inc.
Imperial Inland Metal Manufacturing (1994) Ltd.
Imperial National Energy Equipment Inc.
Imperial Emco Corporation - Ensuite Showroom
Nederman Keller Equipment Supply Ltd.
Thermaflex Ecco Supply
Thermaflex Cypress Sales Partnership
Thermaflex Emco Corporation - Ensuite Showroom
Thermaflex E. H. Price Ltd.
Thermaflex Sinclair Supply Ltd.
Z-Flex Nu-Trend Industries Inc.
Z-Flex National Energy Equipment Inc.
Z-Flex Aquifer Distribution Co. Ltd.
Z-Flex Emco Corporation - Ensuite Showroom