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Saskatoon, SK, S7L 1B9
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Regina, SK, S4R 2E2
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Product Mix

Air Conditioning Airease    Comfort-Aire    Daikin    Ducane    Friedrich    Samsung   
Air Conditioning, Mini Splits Allied    
Air Curtains Heat Saving Systems    Infrasave    Schwank   
Air Handling & Air Conditioner Units Airease    Allied     Daikin    Ducane   
Air Mixers Micrometl   
Belts Browning   
Boiler Treatment - Chemical Recommendations NuCalgon   
Ceiling Fans Canarm    Fantech   
Chillers Quantech    
Chimney Nova Vent   
Coils ADP    Allied     Daikin    Madok   
Compressed Air Piping Greatlakes Copper   
Compressor Oils JCI    Nu-Calgon-Emkarate(refrigeration)     Zerol   
Computer Room Cooling Daikin    Refplus    Samsung   
Condensate Pumps Aspen    Little Giant   
Condensers & Condensing Units Bohn ( Heatcraft )    Copeland    Keeprite    Refplus    Tecumseh   
Contactors Furnas    Mars   
Controls Baso    Honeywell    Johnson Controls    ke2 therm    Paragon    Ranco    Saginomiya    Whiterodgers   
Copper Piping Solutions Sporlan Zoomlock    
Copper Tubing Greatlakes Copper   
Cordless Tools Milwaukee   
Critical Environment Cooling Refplus   
Dampers Honeywell    ZonEx   
Dehumidifiers Anden    Honeywell    Thermo Plus   
Drinking Fountains Elkay   
Electric Duct Heaters Thermolec   
Electric Heaters Stelpro    Thermolec   
Electronic Air Cleaners Honeywell   
Evaporative Condenser Refplus   
Evaporative Cooler Essic Air    
Exhaust Fans Canarm    Soler & Palau   
Fan Coils Superior Rex   
Fans Canarm    Soler & Palau   
Fans - Exhaust Canarm    Fantech   
Fasteners Paulin    
Filters - Air Dafco   
Filtration Dafco   
Fittings NDL   
Fittings, Brass Fairview   
Fittings, Nylon Fairview   
Fittings, PVC IPEX   
Fittings, Schedule 40 IPEX   
Flexible Connectors NDL    Rectorseal   
Fluid & Heat Recovery Systems Bohn ( Heatcraft )    Keeprite    Refplus   
Fluid Coolers Bohn ( Heatcraft )    Keeprite    Refplus   
Furnaces Airease    Daikin    Ducane   
Furnaces - Electric Stelpro   
Furnaces - Gas Airease    Daikin    Ducane   
Furnaces - Oil Airease    Dettson   
Gas Analyzers & Diagnostic Equipment Bacharach    Testo   
Gas Detection Critical Environment Technologies    Inficon   
Gas Piping Tracpipe    
Gas Venting IPEX    Nova Vent   
Gases - Acetylene Linde    Praxair   
Gases - Nitrogen Linde    Praxair   
Gases - Oxygen Linde    Praxair   
Gases - Welding Linde    Praxair   
Gauges Dwyer    Winters   
Glycol - Ethylene Nu-Calgon   
Glycol - Propylene Nu-Calgon   
Hangers Cush A Clamps    Insugard    UniStrut   
Heat Exchangers Alfa Laval    Bitzer    Swep   
Heat Pumps Allied     ClimateMaster    Daikin    Samsung   
Heat Recovery Units Fantech    Nu-Air   
Heater-Gas ADP    Reznor   
Hoses - Flexible Aeroquip    Kuri-Tec    Yellow Jacket   
Hoses - Suction Yellow Jacket   
Humidifiers Honeywell   
Hydronic Controls Honeywell    White-Rodgers    
Hydronic Unit Heaters Reznor   
Ice Machines Hoshizaki    Howe   
Indoor Air Quality Fantech    Honeywell    Sanuvox   
Infra Red Heaters Infrasave    Schwank   
Inline Blowers Canarm   
Insulated Duct Z-Flex   
Insulation Armacell   
Louvers & Dampers Honeywell   
Make Up Air Unit Heaters Sterling   
Meter - Liquid ProCon    
Meters Amprobe    FieldPiece    Fluke    Klein   
Motors Baldor    Century    Economaster    Elco    Fasco    Interlink    Mars    Packard    Rotom   
Ozone Equipment Nu-Calgon    Sanuvox   
Parts - Heating & Air Conditioning Airease    Daikin    Ducane   
Patio Heaters Schwank   
Pipes - PVC IPEX   
Pipes - Plastic IPEX   
Pipes - Pre-Insulated Kamco   
Pipes - Schedule 40 IPEX   
Pipes - Stainless Steel Z-Flex   
Pulleys Browning   
Radiant Heating Panels Infrasave    Schwank   
Refrigerant Chemours    Honeywell    RSI   
Refrigeration Bitzer    Bohn ( Heatcraft )    Copeland    Danfoss    Embraco    Keeprite    Tecumseh   
Refrigeration - Electronic Valve Emerson    ke2 therm    Sporlan   
Refrigeration - Hardware Kason   
Refrigeration - Receiver/Suction Accumulator/Shell and Tube Alpha Laval    Bitzer    Refrigeration Research    Standard   
Refrigeration - Thermostat Dixel    Full Gauge    Honeywell    Johnson Controls    ke2 therm    Ranco    Saginomiya   
Refrigeration - Tubing with Insulation Kamco   
Refrigeration - Valve/Solenoil/Drier Emerson    Flo-Con    NDL    Parker    Sporlan   
Refrigeration - Walk-in Cooler Norbec   
Refrigeration - Water Cooled Unit Bohn ( Heatcraft )    Copeland    Keeprite    Tecumseh   
Rooftop Heating Allied Air    Daikin   
Rooftop Units Allied Air    Daikin   
Screws (Nuts & Bolts) Paulin    
Solder, Brazing, AC Accessories Lucas    Silvaloy   
Space Heaters Stelpro   
Split A/C Systems Airease    Comfortaire    Daikin    Ducane   
Steam Generators Honeywell   
Strut and Installation Systems C-port    Insugard    Shur-Fit     Uni-Strut   
Temperature Controls Dixel    Honeywell    Supco    White Rodgers   
Test Equipment Amprobe    Bacharach    FieldPiece    Fluke    Inficon    Testo   
Thermometers ACR    Supco   
Timers Honeywell    ICM    Intermatic    Paragon   
Tools ACR    Amprobe    Bacharach    Cooper Atkins    FieldPiece    Fluke    Hilmor    Imperial    Inficon    Klein    Milwaukee    Ritchie    Turbotorch    Veto Propac    Yellow Jacket   
Tubing - Copper Great Lakes   
Unit Heaters ADP    Allied     Reznor    Stelpro   
Valves - Check Danfoss    NDL    Streamline   
Valves - Pneumatic Honeywell    JCI   
Valves - Pressure Reducing & Relief Streamline   
Valves - Solenoid Alco    Flo-Con    Sporlan   
Variable Frequency Speed Drives Emerson    HVAC Drives ( Nidec )    
Venting IPEX    Z-Flex   
Vibration Isolation Coolmate    
Water Chiller Quantech    
Water Filters Everpure    NuCalgon